"HALO" - Collège Bourget de Rigaud, Quebec, Canada

in collaboration with Catherine Widgery

Client: Collège Bourget
Photo credits: Michel Dubreuil

Technique: The dichronic micro-layer is sandwiched between two 7mm thick tempered laminated plates of glass in stainlesssteel brackets that pivot so the panels turn.

This concept was conceived as a test work where the budget was minimal, but Peters Studios stepped up to help make possible a work that none believed could be installed at a primary school.

– Catherine Widgery, Artist

DESCRIPTION: “Halo” has an ethereal presence and is a metaphor for an elusive reality. It is visually mysterious, changing with the light and the viewer’s perspective, at times almost disappearing. As an object in space it reflects, refracts and projects light, color and image.

The viewer interacts simply by coming close and seeing bits of reflection and the disjointed reflections of the surroundings. The panels turn with a touch of a hand, fragmenting the world around. “Halo” is a meditation on the nature of physical reality as revealed through light, challenging our perceptions.

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