"PYROMANIA AND PARK"- Firehouse Arts Center, Pleasanton, California, USA

in collaboration with Martin Donlin

Client: City of Pleasanton Department of Cultural Affairs
Architect: ELS Architects, San Francisco
Photo credits: Martin Donlin

Technique: Multiple layers of airbrushed enamels on safety glass.

DESCRIPTION: The Firehouse Arts Center is a redevelopment of the old firehouse in Downtown Pleasanton. One entrance faces Railroad Avenue with a symbolic “fiery energy” inspired tower, and the tower at a second entrance from Lions Wayside Park is based on leaf forms taken from the giant sequoia trees surrounding Pleasanton. The glass has been designed to be visible in daylight with reflected light and is lit up at night with an LED lighting scheme. On close inspection the glass has a refracting painterly surface that absorbs and reflects light in a surprising way as the viewer moves around the piece.

The glass painters produced some wonderful textures and treatments on the glass to allow it to be seen both day and night.

– Martin Donlin, Artist

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