"TORRIS" - Belle Pre Bottle Company, Alexandria, USA

in collaboration with William Cochran

Client: Belle Pre Bottle Company
Artist: William Cochran
Photo credits: Courtesy Studio William Cochran

Technique: Dichrois laminated safety glass

DESCRIPTION: "Torris" was installed at the old Belle Pre Bottle Company, a historic glass factory in Alexandria, VA, begun in 1902. Filling an entire city block, the complex was transformed into a residential complex. The sculpture is seen from all angles up to the seventh story level on all sides of the plaza.

"Torris" uses salvaged train rails from the site with dichroic glass fins to animate the more shadowed side of the plaza with brilliant reflected color and light that changes according to viewpoint, weather and the sun’s position. The work is illuminated at night with a dedicated lighting system designed by John Coventry Lighting. Leading landscape architecture firm Parker Rodriguez of Alexandria designed the plaza and artwork site.

The Latin word torris means firebrands, reeds, or burning arrows.

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