"OUTLOOK"- Broadway Station, Line N/W, New York City Transport, USA

in collaboration with Diane Carr

Client: MTA Arts in Transit
Architect: MTA New York City Transit
Photo credits: Etienne Frossard, Diane Carr

Technique: Airbrushed and hand-painted transparent enamles applied to safety glass

DESCRIPTION: Capturing the fleeting atmosphere of a moment in place, Outlook for the Broadway station is an imaginary, saturated, color-filled landscape that references the past and present of the neighborhood surrounding the elevated station. The laminated glass artwork highlights the native flora in the area, and the deciduous woodlands, ponds, swamps, wetlands, meadows, and conifer forests that were once dominant features in the location. The palette choices for Outlook are inspired by the current colors visible in the neighborhood, including those found in the existing architecture, storefronts, restaurants and public spaces.

When considering the fabrication of my paintings into work on glass, I wanted to make sure the end pieces interpreted the feeling of an oil painting. Peters Glass was able to do this by replicating the bright, saturated colors and also the variety of brushwork on the surface of a painting. Through different techniques, Peter Glass was able to create areas of transparency, parts that were more opaque, and a range of brushwork with the paint. The collaboration with Peters exceeded my expectations, and I was impressed with their attention to detail and the remarkable craftsmanship they brought to the project.

– Diane Carr, Artist

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