“CRYSTAL LIGHT” - North Temple Bridge, Guadalupe Station, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

in collaboration with Catherine Widgery

Client: Utah Transit Authority
Architect: FFKR Architects
Photo credits: Michel Dubreuil

Technique: Laser etched glass from transformed photographic imagery, stainless steel and programmable LED lighting.

DESCRIPTION: "Crystal Light" is a response to the dramatic weather of Salt Lake City. It uses water in its different states as a the metaphor for the temperature changes and precipitation. The salt crystals of the lake and the spectacular lightning storms over the lake are woven through these images as well.

"Crystal Light" transforms the two-level environment of the Transfer Station of the UTA linking the new line to the airport. The dramatic weather of Salt Lake City is suggested in images of water in its different states: Ice crystals, clouds, a rushing stream, gentle waves of a lake are etched into the glass windscreens and elevator tower to catch the sunlight during the day, and at night color flows through the station with programmed lighting.

This project required complex coordination to transform all the glassthat had originally been planned for the entire station into art glass.
The technical details of all the types of safety glass were provided and there was superb coordination with the laser etching company to produce one of the most extensive laser etched art projects in the world.

– Catherine Widgery, Artist

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