"CASCADIA" - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, USA

in collaboration with Cable Griffith

Client: Seattle-Tacoma Airport
Architect: MTA New York City Transit
Structural design: Studio Fifty50
Engeeniering: Lund Opsahl
Photo credits: Raphael Soldi

Airbrushed and hand-painted enamel on laminated safety glass

DESCRIPTION: Cable is an artist and educator who is inspired by the environment, specifically landscapes of the Pacific Northwest for his installation here in Concourse C. Cascadia is a multi-paneled glass artwork of ambitious design, with imagery reminiscent of his studio work. His paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, with a great presence in Seattle.

Working with Peters Studio on Cascadia for SeaTac Airport was an incredible experience. Their expertise, guidance, and hospitality were amazing and helped me realize a vision I could have never manifested alone. I am indebted to their professionalism and support from the initial drawings, to working in the fabrication studios, and through the delivery and installation of artwork. I truly hope to have the opportunity to work with Peters Studio again.

- Cable Griffith, Artist

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