"MOTHER HALE'S GARDEN"- Mother Clara Hale Bus Depot, New York USA

in collaboration with Shinique Smith

Client: Denver Public Art Program
Artist: Martin Donlin
Architect: Steve Ewoldt with COLAB Architecture and Urban Design
Photo credits: Martin Donlin

Technique: Multiple layers of airbrushed enamels on safety glass.

Peters Studios solved a number of technical problems here, not only with the structure and glass size but the control of colors on the glass that need to be seen day and night and also project onto the pavement.

– Martin Donlin, Artist

Description: The canopy design has an undulating sculptural form inspired by the Rocky Mountains. Blue skies and the Lark Bunting bird have influenced a number of the images for the canopy with colors taken from the Rocky Mountain Columbine plant. These images are juxtaposed with thin white lines that trace the Rocky Mountains and refer to the path taken by visitors to the main entrance. The colors project onto the pavement during the long hours of sunshine.

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